What is Moving Dorchester Forward?

Moving Dorchester Forward is the nonprofit, Local Management Board for Dorchester County Maryland. We work within the community to support sustainable programs that significantly improve three areas:  workforce development, educational outcomes, and community engagement. As a result, we seek to connect local families and individuals to information and resources to help create the conditions to ensure that Dorchester County is a thriving community.  

In the course of doing that, we work within a set of Values that include:


  • Community Building cooperation, understanding and a will to work together where we live and work.
  • Impact Investing resources in programs to achieve community goals.
  • Accountability Build and support accountable programs that grow sustained community engagement.
  • Sustainability Mobilizing human and financial resources necessary to execute long-term strategies.
  • Partnership/collaboration Working together to address important concerns and identify solutions.
  • Inclusion/diversity Embracing, respecting and celebrating people, cultures, religions, perspectives and experiences that enrich our community.
  • Integrity Fostering ethical and responsible interactions with our stakeholders and community.
  • Caring Promoting a community where compassion and concern for others is paramount.
  • Innovation Embracing creative solutions to sector and community challenges.
  • Civility Promoting a respectful, inclusive dialogue to foster understand within our community.
  • Responsiveness Responding to community and membership needs promptly and effectively.

Moving Dorchester Forward

411 Dorchester Avenue
 Cambridge, MD 21613


Moving Dorchester Forward

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